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Fly Tying: Marabou Minnow

Fly Tying: Marabou Minnow

This is a great streamer for smallmouth bass and trout. Easy to cast and has great movement. Hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for watching! Be sure to ...

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Tying a paraloop floating nymph with Barry Ord Clarke

A nice technique for making floating nymphs to represent the final stage just before hatching. Hook: Mustad R30 # 10-16 Thread: Olive Tail: Pheasant tail Rib: ...

Beginner Fly Tying Tips - Part 1: Tools Primer

Part one in a series of video segments designed to teach the beginning fly tier the skills needed to tie basic flies. This segment introduces the tools needed to tie ...

Mosquito Dry Fly Tying Instructions and How To Tie Tutorial

http://www.intheriffle.com/fishing-videos/fly-tying/mosquito/ | Mosquito Dry Fly Tying Instructions and How To Tie Tutorial.

Fly Tying For Beginners Adams with Jim Misiura

Step by Step instruction on tying an essential dry fly for those that are new to fly tying.

Olive Woolly Bugger

Detailed instructions for tying an Olive Woolly Bugger Fly.

Fly Tying - My Most Productive Nymph Pattern and How To Tie It

Here's the fly tying vice I use: http://amzn.to/1AiEMmk Let's Connect! http://www.facebook.com/davidspassage http://www.twitter.com/davidspassage In this video ...

Fly Tying: Diamond Dub Scud

This is a fly I have been working on for a while now. I have had the pattern almost ironed out for over a year now, but I have been searching for a dubbing that ...

10 Fly Tying Hacks and Tips for Fly Tyers #1

Subscribe (and click the bell ) for notifications of new videos! http://bit.ly/piscatorflies These may not apply to every tyer, but I hope there are a couple tidbits ...

FLY TYING FRIDAY! two easy and effective bass flies!

Most of the flies I tie are super simple and effective. There really is no need for super complex flies, especially for bass. Thanks for watching and don't forget to ...



Choosing the Right Fly Tying Vise with Kelly Galloup

We get a lot of questions from people who are just getting into fly tying about what kind of vise they should purchase, and whether or not they need all the bells ...

Green Drake Mayfly Dry Fly | Fly tying for trout

This is an extremely effective, semi-realistic, Green Drake pattern. With the use of very few materials, this is an extremely easy fly to tie. While some people may ...

Learn Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners The Buzzer with David Cammiss

Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners. This lesson shows what you need and how to make your own fishing flies. This fly tying tutorial demonstrates a buzzer.

Beginner Fly Tying Tips - Part 2: Three Essential Techniques Every Fly Tier Needs to Know

Part two in a series of video segments designed to teach the beginning fly tier the skills needed to tie basic flies. There are three fly tying skills that you will use ...

Fat Head Squishy Streamer - American Shad - Fly Tying Video

As the last two Fat Head Squishy Streamers moved well in the water, this one will also. They are great for doing a sort of walk the dog action, and a semi ...

Stimulator Stonefly Fly Tying Video Instructions - OLD VIDEO

UPDATED VIDEO HERE: http://fly-tying.purzuit.com/video/fmSGdeJwmLo.html.

MULBERRY FLY: Fly Tying Tutorial

Perfect for catching carp when the mulberries ripen up and begin to fall. They just love to feast on this one. This fly was shown to Brian many years ago by an old ...

Adams Classic Dry Fly Tying Instructions and Recipe

http://www.intheriffle.com/fishing-videos/fly-tying/adams/ | Adams Classic Dry Fly Tying Instructions and Recipe.

Copper John Fly Tying Video Instructions - John Barr Fly Pattern

The Copper John is the most commonly used trout fly in the west these days. For a good reason, the Copper John is a great attractor pattern and it works!

Wired Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Video Directions

The Wired Stonefly Nymph is a great heavy stonefly nymph pattern. The Wired Stonefly Nymph is not only heavy, but also life like. The bright segmentation of the ...

Martin Shrimp - simple and realistic fly tying instructions by Ruben Martin

SAMA SHRIMP (Ruben Martin) - http://flylifemagazine.com/?p=48180 Shellfish are an important part of a great diversity of fish both freshwater and saltwater.

Wax Worm Ice Fly Tying Tutorial | The Fly Fiend.

Online Store - http://theflyfiend.com Instagram - http://instagram.com/theflyfiend Hook - Partridge Czech Nymph #12 Bead - FlyFiend Slotted Tungsten 3.5MM ...

McFlyfoam Egg Fly Tying Video Instructions (GLO Bug)

The McFlyFoam Egg (also known as \

Quickest EGG you will ever tie! - Fly Tying - Easy fly tying for beginners - McFly Angler Fly Tying

Lets be honest, most people think of egg patterns as \


This is a very basic pattern and very effective on the trout stream. Although in this situation it was a match for the dark caddis seen hatching at the start of the ...

How It's Made - Fly Tying Vices

How It's made season 27 Fly Tying Vices #HowItsMade episode 12 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sciencechannel.

Carp Worm - Catches more than Carp! - McFly Angler Fly Tying Instructions

Carp are a tough fish to fish for. However, they are really rewarding when you finally hook into one. They pull like a freight train, and are challenging to even ...

Craft Fur Reverse Tied Minnow - Underwater Footage! - Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial

These are basically a craft fur glass minnow tied in reverse, then the fibers are pulled backwards to create a spine along the back of the fly. This raises the ...

Fly Tying: Mike Schmidt's Junkyard Dog

For fly ordering information find Mike Schmidt here: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Anglers-Choice-Flies-48594569495/ Instagram ...

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